Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Renewed Energy

It's been a long time since the days of blog land!  These last few days, I have had the golden opportunity to escape to a warmer climate to visit a longtime friend.    We've spent the last few days reconnecting, visiting some wonderful restaurants, taking a long walk on the beach (in a down-filled parka believe it or not, but it sure beats 0 degrees in PA), shopping, and soaking in a little sunshine when it manages to pop it's rays through the clouds.

I have never done this much relaxing and actual reading in several years......I've "pinned" many pins, chatted with others on Facebook, read a few blogs, read some magazines, and have enjoyed not having to be anywhere or meet any deadlines.

I've even thought about starting to write a little as a result of all this, hence the possible recreation of this blog.  Though I'm still a "Stipplin Sticher", these last few years I've also become somewhat of a traveler to quilt shows, flea markets, new cities, old cities,  mostly traveling with my sweet husband, but now and then venturing out with friends, or this time on my own.

Life has a way of changing and I intend to make life more exciting, creative, and fulfilling.  So husband, beware.......this means you too!   You will be on this journey with me.

May the joy and excitement of life ahead be with all of you!  I'm ready for the journey!

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