Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Renewed Energy

It's been a long time since the days of blog land!  These last few days, I have had the golden opportunity to escape to a warmer climate to visit a longtime friend.    We've spent the last few days reconnecting, visiting some wonderful restaurants, taking a long walk on the beach (in a down-filled parka believe it or not, but it sure beats 0 degrees in PA), shopping, and soaking in a little sunshine when it manages to pop it's rays through the clouds.

I have never done this much relaxing and actual reading in several years......I've "pinned" many pins, chatted with others on Facebook, read a few blogs, read some magazines, and have enjoyed not having to be anywhere or meet any deadlines.

I've even thought about starting to write a little as a result of all this, hence the possible recreation of this blog.  Though I'm still a "Stipplin Sticher", these last few years I've also become somewhat of a traveler to quilt shows, flea markets, new cities, old cities,  mostly traveling with my sweet husband, but now and then venturing out with friends, or this time on my own.

Life has a way of changing and I intend to make life more exciting, creative, and fulfilling.  So husband, beware.......this means you too!   You will be on this journey with me.

May the joy and excitement of life ahead be with all of you!  I'm ready for the journey!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Mother's Weekend Contemplations

So, here I am, contemplating the beginning of another week. Why does the weekend go by so fast?

This weekend I spent alot of time thinking about how proud I am to be the mom of two very special young women. I reminisced while looking at pictures of little babies with funny faces, a toddler with a mullet (how could I do that to you Brenda?) and eyes so bright and smiles so wide, enough to make any mom's heart melt.

Fast forward a few years and now I anxiously await phone calls and text messages from Bren, as she experiences her first few weeks as a new wife, settling in to a new home, a new state, a new life. I look forward to the end of my work day and start savoring the delicious dinner that Emily has prepared for us. Always healthy, always nourishing, always prepared with love.

Where did the years go? The hotdog man still takes his place at the Corner Room each day, waiting for a mom and her child to patronize his cart after preschool......the library still has their summer reading program. How many books can you read under each category? How many prizes could one win? The toy store is still filled with little ones checking out the latest puzzles, games, legos and who could forget playmobile?......times well spent many years ago.......I was a young mom in a small town, doing what a mom does and loving every minute of it.

It's a little different now, but the "mom" feeling never goes away. I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to experience the treasured times with "my girls".

So to Brenda and mean more to me than you will ever know. I thank God.....for you!

Have a great week! Love, Mom

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quilter's Melody

This week has been a busy one.....busy times at the office, busy evening hours, but today's lunch hour made up for that. A colleague of mine invited me to join her for a visit to the Palmer Museum of Art to listen to a Baroque recital. Given that my normal lunch hour usually consists of either meeting a friend, walking to the bank, or eating a bowl of soup at my desk, the temptation for something new sounded very inviting.

As we hiked up the hill to the museum, and as I was muttering to myself how cold it was and how I longed for spring-like weather, the doors to the museum opened before us and I immediately felt my mind was experiencing a peaceful, tranquil bliss. We wandered through the museum, gazing left and right at the beautiful artwork and headed upstairs to the sounds of a baroque violin trickling through the walls of this vast artistic canvas. We scurried to the back, settled in and I was immediately somewhere else. The pure voice of the soloist, the mellow sounds of the cello and the whimsical music from the harpsichord transformed my "normal lunch hour" into one of class and sophistication, a patchwork of melodies, assembled into a beautiful quilt, filled with beautiful patterns, intricate stitches and musical design and texture!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Weekend in the City

There is something to be said about escaping the peaceful environment of Happy Valley and head to my hometown, Allentown, where the streets are a bustle with traffic and the malls are so loud you can't hear yourself think!

Such was the weekend, as Em and I journeyed there on Friday evening to gear up for Saturday to shop for that perfect prom gown. After a disappointing stop at our favorite dress shop, we proceeded to the mall, where Macy's is about quadruple the size of our little "outlet" in Happy Valley. Within 10 minutes the deep orange, "gown of my dreams" dress was secured and within 30 minutes after that, the silver strappy sandals adorned Em's feet. Taking our positive shopping experience one step further, we decided to indulge in a cinnabon, a royal treat Brett and I always stopped for at the King of Prussia mall back in our early dating days......I must say cinnabons are not quite like they used to be, but accompanied by my excellent cup of coffee proved to be a bright ray of sunshine in my day, despite the chill in the weather outdoors.

We capped the day with a wonderful dinner at Louie's, a wonderful italian restaurant in South Allentown, woke up this morning and headed out for one more shopping stop, this time at the Hershey Outlets, where I was happy to come away with some working duds at the Chico's outlet.

An end to a perfect mother/daughter weekend???? A ride through Hershey's Chocolate World which ended with a free hershey bar, and of course, a stop at the ice cream bar for ice cream and a chocolate milk shake to go.

Thanks for the memories Em! It warmed a mother's heart!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilters of Faith

There is a very special group of women who spend three times a year together in remote areas from home, usually a church campground (with all of the amenities of course), for a weekend of fabric, fellowship and friendship. The Quilters of Faith come from all walks of life. We've shared many memories, many tears, many frustrations, but we all come together to share our love of quilting, whether the project be for our own homes, quilts to comfort those who are sick and surround them with love and prayer as they face medical treatments, quilts that may cover a precious little one, bundle bags that house anything from phone cords, to medications, to chapstick, or one of many projects too numerous to mention.

The love and support we have for each other is like no other. "Quilt Camp" brings alot of chuckles to some of our friends who wonder why we pack up our vehicles to the brim with every quilt tool, machine, ironing board and other quilt necessity imaginable. We grumble when we have to pack it all back up to leave. The memories are a treasure and we will continue to assemble, whoever can be there, in our circle of faith, Quilters of Faith, "stitch by stitch", and "bound" by love, God's love, that all brought us together in the first place.........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilt A Long Finished Product!

This is the final Quilt A Long Quilt. I made this for my daughter's new apartment. Had to cut back on the blocks.....but I think it still looks good. Thanks for the opportunity!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sampler Quilt-Along Week 6

I'm finally caught up! I've added Week 6 and decided to put them all together and see how it looks so far. Looking forward to the finished product! Happy quilting!