Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Weekend in the City

There is something to be said about escaping the peaceful environment of Happy Valley and head to my hometown, Allentown, where the streets are a bustle with traffic and the malls are so loud you can't hear yourself think!

Such was the weekend, as Em and I journeyed there on Friday evening to gear up for Saturday to shop for that perfect prom gown. After a disappointing stop at our favorite dress shop, we proceeded to the mall, where Macy's is about quadruple the size of our little "outlet" in Happy Valley. Within 10 minutes the deep orange, "gown of my dreams" dress was secured and within 30 minutes after that, the silver strappy sandals adorned Em's feet. Taking our positive shopping experience one step further, we decided to indulge in a cinnabon, a royal treat Brett and I always stopped for at the King of Prussia mall back in our early dating days......I must say cinnabons are not quite like they used to be, but accompanied by my excellent cup of coffee proved to be a bright ray of sunshine in my day, despite the chill in the weather outdoors.

We capped the day with a wonderful dinner at Louie's, a wonderful italian restaurant in South Allentown, woke up this morning and headed out for one more shopping stop, this time at the Hershey Outlets, where I was happy to come away with some working duds at the Chico's outlet.

An end to a perfect mother/daughter weekend???? A ride through Hershey's Chocolate World which ended with a free hershey bar, and of course, a stop at the ice cream bar for ice cream and a chocolate milk shake to go.

Thanks for the memories Em! It warmed a mother's heart!

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