Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quilter's Melody

This week has been a busy one.....busy times at the office, busy evening hours, but today's lunch hour made up for that. A colleague of mine invited me to join her for a visit to the Palmer Museum of Art to listen to a Baroque recital. Given that my normal lunch hour usually consists of either meeting a friend, walking to the bank, or eating a bowl of soup at my desk, the temptation for something new sounded very inviting.

As we hiked up the hill to the museum, and as I was muttering to myself how cold it was and how I longed for spring-like weather, the doors to the museum opened before us and I immediately felt my mind was experiencing a peaceful, tranquil bliss. We wandered through the museum, gazing left and right at the beautiful artwork and headed upstairs to the sounds of a baroque violin trickling through the walls of this vast artistic canvas. We scurried to the back, settled in and I was immediately somewhere else. The pure voice of the soloist, the mellow sounds of the cello and the whimsical music from the harpsichord transformed my "normal lunch hour" into one of class and sophistication, a patchwork of melodies, assembled into a beautiful quilt, filled with beautiful patterns, intricate stitches and musical design and texture!

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