Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilters of Faith

There is a very special group of women who spend three times a year together in remote areas from home, usually a church campground (with all of the amenities of course), for a weekend of fabric, fellowship and friendship. The Quilters of Faith come from all walks of life. We've shared many memories, many tears, many frustrations, but we all come together to share our love of quilting, whether the project be for our own homes, quilts to comfort those who are sick and surround them with love and prayer as they face medical treatments, quilts that may cover a precious little one, bundle bags that house anything from phone cords, to medications, to chapstick, or one of many projects too numerous to mention.

The love and support we have for each other is like no other. "Quilt Camp" brings alot of chuckles to some of our friends who wonder why we pack up our vehicles to the brim with every quilt tool, machine, ironing board and other quilt necessity imaginable. We grumble when we have to pack it all back up to leave. The memories are a treasure and we will continue to assemble, whoever can be there, in our circle of faith, Quilters of Faith, "stitch by stitch", and "bound" by love, God's love, that all brought us together in the first place.........

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